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It has been some time since the station, FUNcie Radio, has uttered a peep. But now, back after a long absence, the minds from Revolradio and Geekpublicradio have gotten together and moved completely into the talk and old radio genre.


The station is evolving, launching with past shows from Revolradio, the Geekpublicradio podcast, and old time radio dramas and kid shows, it will soon relaunch some old Revol shows and bring some new ones to life.



Along with the past RevolRadio shows and new talk shows that are being added to the schedule, we are pleased to be broadcasting classic "Old Time Radio" dramas.


Such titles currently being broadcasted are: Tales of the Texas Rangers, The Blue Beetle, The Lone Ranger, X Minus One, Molle Mysteries, Suspense, and a few more.


We will be adding Superman, Space Patrol, Dark Fantasy, and Dr. Kildare, just to name a few. Keep checking back with us as we grow and evolve into the talk station of Central Indiana.

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